Amazon Credit Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Amazon Credit Card Login:

How to Log In to your Amazon Credit Card

So, you're ready to go shopping and spend lots of money? Just follow these steps to log in to your Amazon Credit Card.

  1. Enter the Amazon Credit Card Login URL directly into your browser.;jsessionid=8de470719ed0b04c677bc2ddf52d:DD8U
  2. Enter your user ID.
  3. Click the Secure Login button.
  4. Choose the personalized image that you have previously picked out.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Follow any additional instructions.

Victory is yours! Now you can check out your Amazon Credit Card account and decide how much of your riches you want to spend. Happy Shopping!

Have you forgotten your user ID? Follow these steps to help you defeat your Internet amnesia.

So you can't remember what user name you decided to use. This is a common thing that happens to the best of us. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Click the Look Up My User ID link located right next to the User ID text box.
  2. Enter your account number.
  3. Enter the last four digits of your social security number. This is for your protection and to keep uninvited people out.
  4. Click the blue button marked Next.
  5. Follow any additional instructions.

Still having problems? Just contact Amazon to get you the help you deserve.

In order to contact Amazon, you will need to sign into your account and click the Contact Us button highlighted in yellow. It is located the right hand side of the page and you may have to scroll down a little to find it.

If you would like to receive a phone call, you can enter your phone number in the appropriate text box and click the  Call Me Now button or the Call Me in Five Minutes button. Amazon will connect you with a representative to assist you.

If you would like to send them an email, you can leave them a detailed message of your issue on the appropriate page and click the Send Email button. Amazon will email you with help about your specific problem.

If you don't want to wait for a call or send an email, you can chat with someone. On the Contact Us page, click the Start Chatting button. This will open up a small window. Here you can type in your issue and click the Start Chat button.

Don't forget to come back and check on updates or any new information. We want to provide you with the most current information possible so keep checking back in case something has changed.